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First off, thank you so much for everyone who was able to make it our first Dashboard in an Hour; our continuous effort during our monthly meetups to provide the Tampa community the best resources to gain understanding and skill in Power BI. We went over some great new Power BI features & updates in the BI industry, which I PROMISED to provide the resources discussed.  Read the full Blog post here

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Multi-select Data Points across multiple chart

It is already an awesomely interactive feature to select a visual & have the rest of a report filter on a Report, but it was limited as we could only select one visual. But no longer! You can select as many visual points in as many tiles as you want to filter a Report just by holding control on your keyboard!

Sync Sliders Across Pages

One of the most requested features by the PBI community was to have slicers that apply to more than one page on a Report. Power BI has met that request!  For example, syncing slicers mean if you choose “Quarter 1” on a Quarter slicer on one page can filter all pages with the Quarter slicer on any additional pages you choose!

Mark as Custom Data Table

For those with experience in Power Pivot, you knew the great feature to make a Date Table & mark it in your data model. You can now do this in Power BI. What this means is you choose your Date Table & Date column, which will enable automatic date hierarchies & time intelligence for the selected date table.

All features in the Power BI Desktop February Update can be found here!

Service & Gateway

Share & Favorite Power BI Reports

For you & your end users, we can now share not only a Dashboard but ALSO Reports themselves! Reports now have the same sharing features as dashboards, which really allows better usability & customization for distributing data across a company. Not only that, but you can also favorite a Report just as you would a dashboard, with both showing up in your favorites navigation!

Automatically Install Apps for End Users

For those of you who use Power BI Apps, this is an awesome update – you can now deliver Apps to end users without having end users to install or find apps on their own!

Data Gateway now supports Combined Cloud & On-Premises Refresh

You can now refresh queries in the On-premises data gateway that have cloud & on-premises sources. This means any Power BI report you have that merges or appends data from SharePoint & SQL server can now be used in the Data Gateway

News & Updates

Power BI & Microsoft leads Gartner’s Analytics & BI Platform

Microsoft has been recognized as a leader in the BI industry from Gartner’s 2018 Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms – leading the way in vision & innovation. In a little under 3 years since Power BI has been part of the BI industry, Microsoft has done an amazing job of creating one of the best ecosystems between software & collaboration for data & BI for businesses around the world.

Power BI 70-778 Exam out of Beta – Get your Microsoft certification in BI Reporting

I honestly thinks this follows up from the section above – Power BI’s rapid growth & adoption means people need Power BI Pros in their organization. For those of us who use Power BI now, being recognized ourselves as Power BI professionals is and will become a valuable & desired skill to have. With that, Microsoft has released the 70-778 exam on Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI. This exam is part of the certification path to earn your MCSA in BI Reporting. As promised, please find below all of the resources on studying & practice tests the PBI community has created.

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